Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Picked up Disney's Pinocchio DVD a few weeks ago when they first released it. Best Buy was offering a free cup with purchase, and of course, being the Disney fan that I am, went to buy a copy! Haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet, but it is the 2 disc 70th anniversary edition and is packed with bonus features. Probably will open it after exams.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Neutrogena Wave Facial Cleanser - Product Review

A couple days ago, I bought a Neutrogena Wave facial cleanser by Johnson & Johnson. I have seen the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator (which I bought for my mum and aunt as presents for Mother's Day - review to come soon when they get them!) but that is geared towards older women, about 40+. The Wave is more of a daily facial cleanser for younger girls so I thought I would give it a try. Here's how it looks like:

Each box comes with the Wave cleanser, 2 sealed packs of pads and an AA battery. Pop off the battery hatch, put the battery inside, stick on a pad, press the on button and you're ready to go! Except...


I tried everything, and SO DID MY SIS! We even read on the box, press gently to open...nothing happened. So we tried several other ways, prying it, pressing down, etc! NOTHING. So I couldn't use it! Then the next day I asked my dad to help me...he popped it off no problem and now I can get it off easily too! He must have loosened it or something!

So I tried it last night, and I can't say it's the best thing out there. The pads are sort of like felt that is soaked with cleanser, and it is supposed to foam when you run it under water and start the cleaner (it vibrates). It doesn't foam as much as they advertise it does and seems like a waste to just throw away the pad only after you use it once, considering how expensive the refills are!

I'll let you know in a week or so how my face/skin feels if I use it every night. Would I pay money for this? No, probably not. You are probably better off just using your hands and massaging a facial cleanser onto your face.

Will update later!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Get free Gift Cards!

It's a search and earn type site, you can earn 100 points a day. They have a lot of good prizes, but unfortunately, Canadian residents are only allowed to redeem for gift cards. Still a good deal, you only need 3000 points to get a $5 GC, so it'll only take you a month. Refer a friend and get 50 pts automatically. Check it out:

ZOMG can't wait until school is over!

Only 2.5 weeks left. TONS of papers left to write, presentations to do, research. AARGH. I'm so sick of it, after 5 years. Then I'll have to find a job. IN THIS ECONOMY?! Ugh I don't know what I'm going to do! Go shopping full time. Open my own store. Who knows. God knows I have enough stuff to open up a shop LOL. Well actually it's the end of most of my good coupons, just need to finish using some of them up and I'm done. Got some FPC's though. Probably should trade them. I have another Kashi cereal one but I'm saving it to get at Buy Low Foods coz I know they don't charge tax. Anyway. Also got a Dawn Detergent that I have FPC for. Yus. Maybe I will get it over there as well. I'll see. Hmm. Have Pledge FPC but I don't think I will use it coz I have so many Mr. Clean cleaners. No more cleaning supplies, I think I have enough for a lifetime! Unless I start cleaning once a week, but I don't see that happening.
My coupon collection is getting out of control! I don't have room to put them all, but I also don't know who to give them to! Maybe I will just stick them ontop of the products in stores and get rid of some that way. I always include a huge wad of extras in all my trades, so much that it goes over the weight limit and I end up having to pay extra postage.
Tried cleaning my room today, it's a little neater, but the problem is I have too much stuff and no place to put it! UGH. This sucks. I hate school. I hate life.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One month left!

So it's the last month of class! Then I'll be done FOREVER!! OMG. I'm a little scared and excited at the same time! Egads. Everything is piling up now, I regret not doing more work over the last month. :S I've got 3 papers to write, 2 presentations, 1 experiment and 2 assignments. AAAH! Then 2 finals in april. THEN I'M OFF TO EUROPE! YEAAH! I went to MEC yesterday to buy a backpack. Sooo expensive ($89) for such an ugly rust/orange colored checkered bag. LOL. Plus there are no extra compartments or anything. I supposed you get what you pay for. My sis bought one at Taiga for $140 and hers is soo much better and nicer. :S