Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snow White Diamond Edition out on DVD and Blu-Ray!

So another Disney movie has been re-released! This time is the "Diamond Edition" of Snow White, which includes 1 DVD disc and 2 Blu-Ray Discs. Snow White was the first animated movie Disney came out with, so it's a pretty popular movie.
Right now the Disney site is offering a $10 off coupon for the movie, valid until October 10th. You just print it off yourself from the site.

Rexall is selling it for $24.99 this week, so it would only be $14.99 after tax! If you are a Disney movie collector, you will know this is a majorly SWEET DEAL.

My sis took the Rexall flyer to Best Buy, price matched it (BB sells for $31.99) to get the 10% difference ($0.70 - every little bit helps!) to get it for $24.29 - $10 = $16 even after tax. WOOT WOOT, amazing deal! Hurry and get your coupon today!

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