Friday, May 14, 2010

Freebies tomorrow at Olympic Village!

Tomorrow is an open house at Vancouver's Olympic Village. Doors open at 10am and there are bound to be a lot of goodies to get. The first 250 blue jacket volunteers during the Olympics that go receive a $25 London Drugs gift cards! I'm there! London Drugs is my FAVORITE store! <3
There are going to be lots of booths from sponsors, like Starbucks, London Drugs, TD Bank etc. There is also a grand prize draw for those that check out the suites. Collect 8 stamps and you get entered into a draw for $20,000 in gift cards for interior designing firms, and secondary prizes of a bike.
Go check it out tomorrow! Go there early, there is bound to be a lot of people!


Sam said...

Did you end up going? How was it?

Bento Box said...

Yep, and got my $25 gift card too! And a pin! There were a bunch of booths, got a water bottle from TD, bag and sunglasses from BCHydro, Hotdog and cookies by donation from Urban Fare and some other miscellaneous freebies. LONG line to get in to check out the suites though. We only saw 4 of them, but they are really nice!!