Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shoppers Bonus Redemption This Weekend! (June 26-27)

Since I wrote about the new changes coming to the Optimum Program, I thought I throw it out there that there is a Bonus Redemption weekend coming up. It will be the LAST ONE using the old points system!! So hurry up and cash in your points if you have them, because once July rolls around, your points will be worth less! I'm frantically trying to get enough points to go for the maximum level by Friday evening. Eeeek!

The bonus is pretty crappy for BC residents. $10 extra if you're redeeming 40,000 points, and $20 extra if you're redeeming 75,000 points (versus $25 and $50 extra in other provinces!!). Regardless, the changes coming up will make it harder to get enough points to redeem, so go go go this weekend!

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