Monday, November 1, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Launch Party with Faber Drive

I was invited to an exclusive Galaxy launch party put on by Samsung Mobile Canada tonight and got to check out some of the new products in the Galaxy line! The party featured Faber Drive as well, and they were pretty awesome, yay! Mix in an open bar, delicious appies and my Mob!ler buddies, it was a great night!

The Galaxy Tab!! It was a lot smaller than I expected, but a nice size so that it's still easy to view things and is great for putting into your purse! The Tab supports Flash, has a camera (with flash!) and has a beaaauutiful screen! Lots of points for the Galaxy Tab. Apple iPad? Out the window!

Here is the Samsung Captivate next to my Vibrant. Basically the same phone, just a different design. I personally like the Vibrant better!

Captivate's back. Pretty!

Mob!lers! Vibrant Coast and Vansung love.

Oooo, I want it, I want it!

Faber Drive!!

Get up and dance!

Jealous Mo got a drumstick from Faber Drive!

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