Saturday, December 11, 2010


Saw Burlesque tonight to use up my Cineplex movie tickets I got from iCoke. Burlesque stars Cher and Christina Aguilera, with Aguilera playig Ali, a waitress from a small town who goes to Los Angeles to follow her dreams about becoming a singer/dancer. She stumbles upon The Burlesque Lounge where she gets a job as a waitress. Cher plays the club's owner, Tess, who is trying to raise enough money to save her club.

While a fairly predictable movie, I thought it was enjoyable, besides the awkward number that was randomly thrown in so that Cher could sing and the love story between Ali and bartender, Jack (Cam Gigandet). It was quite reminiscent of Moulin Rouge (which I love!), and who doesn't like a movie with singing and dancing haha.

For more information on the movie and show times, go here.

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