Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Elusive Quest for McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

McDonald's recently came out with their newest Happy Meal Toys - eight uber cute Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascot toys in various sports. They are plastic toys that move and can link up together. So far I have 5 of them (I traded in 5 toys that I didn't want for them) and I have been to about six McDonald's. I only have 2 Quatchi, 2 Miga and 1 Quatchi with Miga. No Sumi to be found! I'm determined to find the whole collection! I can't find a picture of them online, I guess it's really new still. The Happy Meal website still has Alvin toys up. I took a picture of the complete set, and I'll post it when I'm not feeling lazy haha. Anyways, you can go and buy a Happy Meal and get your own Olympic mascot toy, or just get the toy itself for about $2 and change! It beats spending $10-$40 for a plush toy that are sold in stores!

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