Sunday, February 7, 2010

McDonalds Grand Re-Opening & McCafe

McDonalds all around the Lower Mainland have been renovating their restaurants lately it seems. Once they are done, they all hold some sort of grand re-opening, where they have good deals on some item on their menu, and sometimes they also have prizes! So last weekend, there were grand re-openings at two Mcdonalds, and sister and I decided to go to one of them. There were advertisements about it in the papers all week, and that there would be free cupcakes, free collectible Coca Cola bottle to first 100 customers at McCafe, and prizes to be won. The food specials were 79cents for hamburgers and 99cents for cheeseburgers.

So we arrived at 11am, which was when the events were supposed to start, and we both ordered a hamburger and mocha from the new McCafe. We each were able to get the collectable Coke bottle. Then we entered a contest to win a pair of tickets to the Olympics closing ceremony. After we ate, we lined up to spin the prize wheel. There were lots of prizes to win: a Mcd's olympic water bottle, toque, $5 gift card, pen, Olympic mascot lapel pin, coupon for free Big Mac. When it was finally my turn, I spun the wheel and landed on the toque - YAY! Except...they ran out. So I had to spin again!! I luckily landed on the mascot pin, which was what I wanted anyway. They only had Miga pins left (I really wanted the Quatchi one!). Next my sister spun the wheel and landed on your choice of prizes! She wanted the toque, but since it was all out, she was trying to decide between a pin and a water bottle, and got the bottle (the black one).

Ronald McDonald showed up to do the ribbon cutting and do prizes (which he made any adult who won give it to a kid right away, so guess we weren't eligible). Prizes were a tshirt, ipod shuffle, a complete set of Olympic mascot Happy Meal toys, and a complete set of water bottles, with one autographed by the snowboarder Olympian (forget his name). Then the cupcakes came out, and we each had one.

Sis decided that she wanted to check out the other grand re-opening as well, so after a stop to get some free hockey cards, we went down there. The ribbon cutting was at 1:30, but we didn't make it until 2, and the prize wheel was already over! We made it just in time to catch the last contest for the complete set of water bottles - but before Ronald McDonald could finish asking the question, this man yelled out the answer >:( We were just sitting there politely letting him finish. Humph. But then Ronald was like, okay we will have a bonus question! And I got it - but there was no prize! He said it was a hug. HAH. But after, he said come with me, we'll find you something! He spoke to a McD staff and said there was a tie. She gave me a green water bottle and a coupon for a free extra value meal!

So it's fun to check out grand openings, because you never know what you can get! I look forward to going to the next one!

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