Friday, August 13, 2010

Winners Final Clearance Event!

Winners and Home Sense started their Final Clearance Event last week, where every Saturday, they mark down their prices on clearance items. Every week they will mark it down even more! The clearance items can be identified with a red sticker, and usually has their own special sections.The sale runs until the end of August (I believe the 28th is the last markdown!) and there are some GREAT deals to be found, if you have the patience to look through the racks.

I've already been to 4 Winners this week and bought some regular priced things as well as clearance stuff. It's not the greatest prices, but still cheaper than buying it at the actual store! I believe I am going back again this weekend to see what else has been marked down.

This is what I got:

Roxy cardigan - $29.99
Aerie sweater - $19.99
Liz Claiborne jeans - $20 (clearance)
Volcom zippered hoody - $11 (clearance)

Like I said, not the greatest prices, but I'm in need of new clothes. I've seen a lot of super cheap clothes, just depends if you can fit it or not LOL. Go check it out!

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