Monday, July 5, 2010

Boston Legal

Since I started watching The Gates, I felt like watching more stuff that Rhona Mitra stars in, so I pulled out my set of Boston Legal. Boston Legal is a spin off of the series The Practice, where a few characters from that show moved over to this show. It started out as such a good and clever law show, but after all my favorite actresses left (at the beginning of season two), it totally went downhill. They couldn't seem to keep any of the actors around long enough to establish a good cast of characters - I guess they knew a sinking ship when they saw one. Everyone started to get outrageous and crazy, and the whole show became a joke. I stopped watching after a while, but I definitely suggest watching the first season (I'm on episode 15 now) and probably second season as well. I keep rooting for Alan Shore and Tara Wilson's (played by Mitra) relationship <3, but she leaves soon after and Alan gets sad and I'm sad because there is no romance anymore, LOL. Maybe I should start watching soaps or something instead, hmm.

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