Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are you ready for BOXING DAY???

Yes it's that time of year, not Christmas. The day after Christmas - Boxing Day!! Boxing day is every frugal shopper's dream, with the mad sales on everything. My sister and I look forward to this day every year! Most people look at big ticket items at electronic stores, such as cameras, laptops, and tvs. There are also large appliances on sale as well. If you've been meaning to buy that new fridge or dishwasher, boxing day/week is the day to do it! You can save a TON of money just by shopping on boxing day. Many retailers extend boxing day sales to week-long sales, though there will only be a limited quantity of door-crashers, and you'll have to be quick. That means starting to line up at your chosen store early in the morning. And I mean early. Some people sleepover night, while others start lining up in the wee hours in the morning. I believe the last couple of years, I went to Best Buy before 5am, and still the line was pretty long.

Start thinking about other events and people you have to buy gifts for throughout the year. Is someone's birthday coming up? Mother's day? Housewarming gifts? Boxing day sales are a cheap way to stock up on gifts for other occasions. There will be many sales that are 50% off or even more. Buy those games, movies, music, clothes, electronics or books NOW. Why wait until later in the year when you have to pay full price on the same item? You can be saving hundreds on dollars just by planning ahead and picking up gifts for others on boxing day.  

Be prepared though. Do your research - start looking through boxing day flyers now to decide what you want to buy (mostly for big ticket items). You can find your flyers delivered to your door with your local newspaper, or online if you know the specific store you want to go to. Some popular stores are Best Buy, Futureshop, Walmart, Zellers and even Superstore! Superstore usually offers 50% on all of their chocolate and holiday items. Stock up on chocolate if you're going to eat them. Or save them for gifts! Chocolate usually doesn't go bad for a few years.

So dust off those gloves and set that alarm, because those sales aren't going to wait! The savings that can be found on boxing day/week are unbeatable and for anyone trying to save money in these hard economic times without sacrificing the quality of their gifts. Hope everyone has fun and manage to snag a few good deals. I would love to hear what you were able to pick up! I'll be seeing you in the lines and crowded mall! ;)

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