Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shoppers Bonus Redemption

Last week was Shopper's Drug Mart's Bonus Redemption weekend, where BC residents get an extra $20 on the maximum (75,000 optimum points) redemption. Whoop de doo (sarcastic). Just last year, Shoppers used to be fair and give all the provinces across Canada an extra $50 on bonus redemption day. That brings your redemption level from $150 to a whopping $200!! This was just when I started collecting Optimum Points seriously, and wasn't at the top redemption level...and when I finally was, they lowered it! ARGH! They haven't brought it back up to $200 ever since, enough though I know a lot of people sent in complaints. I know provinces like Alberta and Ontario and a lot of the other Eastern Canada provinces still receive the $50 bonus. It's not fair that we get ripped off and only get an extra $20. T____T It's not like Shoppers has cheap prices either. It's actually WAY overpriced. If it wasn't for their Optimum Points program, I would probably never go there. Anyway, I redeemed my points last weekend anyway, grudgingly, because I don't want the higher ups yanking my points away, like I know they like to do sometimes (I know it has happened to some people before). Bleh.

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