Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chuck - Best TV Show Ever!

Before I thought Alias was the best TV show ever. But then after the second season, everything went downhill. Plus back then, I didn't have cable, and so I had to watch every episode in fuzzy black and white, with jumping lines. I was THAT dedicated a fan. But I got busy with school and I never finished the 5th season. I have all 5 seasons on DVD, but haven't had the chance to re-watch everything (I only got up to season 2).

But now there is another show, Chuck. It's yet another spy show (I don't know what the appeal of spy shows is to me), but it's less dark than Alias, it's a comedy/action show. And it's the best show ever. And the best episode EVER just aired this week.

Chuck Bartowski is a computer nerd who gets a government computer, the Intersect, downloaded into his head when his ex-best friend (who is a spy) sends it to him. The CIA find out, and Sarah Walker comes in from the CIA to be his handler, as well as John Casey, a member of the NSA. They have to use the information that Chuck has to complete missions. Chuck falls for Sarah, but there are so many people that get in the way, including Bryce, the ex-best friend mentioned above, and Superman, Brandon Routh, who plays Shaw.

But FINALLY, after 3 seasons, Chuck and Sarah are together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAY!! Now we have to wait until Apr 26 for the next episode. Can't wait! Go catch up on Chuck now!

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