Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best Buy Grand Opening Flyer is Out

The Best Buy South Surrey grand opening sale flyer arrived with the local papers today. There aren't that many great deals this time. One that stands out is the New Super Mario Wii game for $39.99. While this is still expensive to me, you do save $20. Plus if you use your $5 or $10 Nintendo cereal coupons, it will only be $29.99 - $34.99.
They also have Taylor Swift's CD for $9.99 (regular version, not platinum) and Michael Jackson DVDs on sale. The rest of the games/music/movies are all 10% off.

There is a LG blu-ray player for $99.99 which is a pretty decent price. There are some other things in the flyers too, but I'm not really interested in them lol so take a look for yourself.

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