Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wii Sport Resort

Superstore has another great deal right now - half price on Wii Sports Resort!! It's regularly $59.99, but this week it is only $29.99! And of course, to save even more, mosey on over to Best Buy or Futureshop with your Superstore flyer and price match it there. This will save you another $3 with their additional 10% the difference price matching! Only $26.99! Then use your $5 or $10 Nintendo coupons and you can get it for as little as $16.99! ZOMG! What a steal! I would pick up a copy for myself, but I didn't think the games were all that great in it. Others have been saying it's an awesome game though. Now is the time to get your copy, but hurry, quantities are probably limited!!!

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