Friday, March 5, 2010

Pin Collection! Anyone Want to Trade?

I blogged about collecting lapel pins before, and now that the Olympics are over, I thought I'd post up how I did. I started out with 7 pins (2 non-Olympic) in my collection and it grew from there. I took my 2 non Olympic pins and traded them at the Coca Cola Pin Trading Centre at The Bay for two Olympic Coke pins. Then the rest of the pins, I got from visiting different pavilions or I won from contests/draws or just got for free from people. Any extras I got I traded away. And Voila! 111 pins (plus another 3 non-Olympic ones not shown)!!! The best part was, I didn't have to spend anything on these pins! I was just saying how collecting pins can be an expensive hobby (they sell for $8-10 in stores) but I proved that if you are a savvy pin collector, it doesn't have to cost you anything! If you do want to get a jump start, go out and buy some pins at 50% off and use those to start off your collection to trade at the Paralympics.

I hope you all had the chance to pin trade during the Olympics. After all, it's a sport that everyone can participate in! Some pin traders told me that there will still be pin trading going on during the Paralympics, so hurry and get your pins now!

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