Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Dance Wii

After three months, I finally got my copy of Just Dance! Woot woot! I wanted to buy it on Boxing Day last year, but all the Zellers I went to did not carry it, and the one Zellers that did was sold out. I managed to get a rain check (it was half off - $19.99, reg $39.99). Today I made a trip to a Zellers faaaar away, and got my copy. I used up my last $5 Nintendo coupon (from cereal boxes), as well as the 15% off gift card I bought from Olympics. So my total bill was:

Regular: $39.99
Sale: $19.99 + tax = $22.39
- $5 Nintendo coupon = $17.39
- 15% gift card = $14.78 out of pocket! (paid with the gc)

Pretty sweet deal, in my opinion. This game is for my mum's birthday (I already gave her Wii Fit Plus for early Mother's Day), but since her bday isn't until October, I'm going to give it to her early too.

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