Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Sale, Another Price Match, Another Coupon Used, Another Deal!

As I mentioned earlier this week, Zellers has a sale starting today (not a great one, but one I've been waiting for) on a few Nintendo DS games, the are all $5 off the regular price:

Brain Age 2 - Reg 19.99, Sale 14.99
Professor Layton and the Curious Village - Reg 29.99, Sale 24.99
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box - Reg 34.99, Sale 29.99
Fossil Fighters - Reg 34.99, Sale 29.99
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - Reg 39.99, Sale 34.99

I was looking for Professor Layton and the Curious Village to be FINALLY advertised in print, because for some reason, Best Buy and Future Shop sells it for more at $34.99 (while Zellers and Superstore has it for $29.99) and I wanted to price match to get an additional 50cents off (if advertised at $29.99). Lucky me, it was discounted even more, so when I price matched it, the 10% difference was $1! I went to Best Buy because I collect Reward Zone Points, and had no trouble price matching. This was my bill:

Best Buy Regular Price: $34.99
Price Match Zellers: $24.99
- 10% Price Difference: $23.99
- $5 Nintendo Coupon: $18.99

SWEET! After tax it came to $21.27, which I paid with a gift card I had. After I play the game, I will post up a review about it. Now is a great chance to buy Zelda because I have never seen it on sale before (it just came out recently. If you price match, you can get it for $34.49. And if you have a $5 or $10 Nintendo coupon, you can get it for even less! Happy gaming, everyone!

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