Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shopping again!

I went shopping again today, armed with my flyers to price match and my envelope full of coupons. I stumbled on a Christmas items clearance section, where I was looking at gift baskets (marked down to $0.25!!) and some lady sees me looking at them and snatches a bunch up! I managed to get a few still, thank goodness. I make a lot of gift baskets during the holidays and I can't pass up such an excellent deal! Here's what I picked up today after all the price matching and coupons:

6x Dole Pineapple Juice - $0.24 ea + $0.09 deposit & enviro fee
6x Glad Cling Wrap - $0.03 for all
8x Catelli Pasta - $0
8x Christmas Baskets - $0.25 ea (clearance)
1x Gift Card Holder - $0.25 (clearance)
1x Lindt Chocolate Star - $0.25 (clearance)
1x Christmas Pet Outfit - $0.50 (clearance)

All for a grand total of $6!! That's some excellent savings, if I do say so myself! It would only cost $5.70 after I bring the juice boxes back for deposit. There were many more interesting clearance items, such as lightbulbs ($0.15), wall decorations ($0.25), big bows ($0.25), fake ice/snow ($0.75), xmas catnip toys ($0.25), xmas dog toys ($0.50), dog outfits ($0.50) and some other stuff I don't remember.

Earlier in the week, I picked up 12x Dole Juice, 8x Catelli Pasta and a bottle of Cetaphil lotion for $9.02 minus a $5 gift card I had. Woot woot! I'm stocking up on pasta when it's on sale (hello, free!) and before the HST kicks in!

I hope you were able to find some great deals using coupons and price matching, or find some more excellent Christmas clearance items!

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