Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Price Matching

Many store price match other stores advertised prices. This is an excellent way to save travelling time (and gas money) between stores and still getting the best deal on things. It's quite easy to price match. All you have to do is bring in a printed flyer (the ones delivered to your house, or found in stores) and ask the cashier to price match it. Make sure you get the correct item though, as there will most likely be specific sizes or upc codes printed on the flyer. Some stores I can think of the price match are Zellers, Walmart, London Drugs and Superstore. Remember you can still use your coupons when you price match! Also, Zellers will still apply the SPC discount on a price matched product, and take your coupon on top of it (great for the items you don't have coupons for, or only 1 coupon).

Electronic stores like Best Buy and Future Shop also price match. They also beat the advertised price by 10% of the difference. I have gotten some amazing deals by price matching here, because sometimes big chain grocery stores (Walmart, Superstore) have some awesome sales on games and movies, while Best Buy/Future Shop sells for outrageous prices. Then that makes the 10% price difference anywhere from $1 to $4.xx! That's some great additional savings! I'm going to price match a game from Zellers later this week!

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