Saturday, January 2, 2010

Free Cereal, Free Board Games, Free Nintendo Games!

Today and tomorrow only, Zellers has Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops and All-Bran cereals all on sale for only $2. Some people have $2 off any Kelloggs products, making them FREE! Remember to use your Student Discount Card for an additional 10% off (you'd be getting paid $0.20 to take the cereal home!). Corn Pops is the only one that will have the $10 boardgames coupons (see previous post) or the Nintendo game coupon ($5, $10 or $500). The other cereals only have the coupons on the larger boxes.

I picked up 3 boxes of Corn Pops myself, 2 with the Nintendo coupon (only $5) and one with the $10 game coupon! I see a lot of free board games and free/cheap Nintendo games for me in the future ;) I was lucky enough to have the $2 coupon and SPC discount, so my bill was -$0.60. I also got a bag of sidewalk salt to bring my total back to the positive. Hurry and get your cereal now! It's a good deal even if you don't have coupons or SPC discounts, especially if you can find the ones with the coupons on them!

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