Monday, January 4, 2010

Clearance on Christmas Items - Even more discounts now!

Most places still have leftover Christmas and holiday items that are being continuosly marked down. There are still some treasures to be found, depending on what you need or use! Be a savvy shopper and buy things now to save later! I hit up Walmart today and most Christmas items were 50%-75% off. There are a few things you should buy now to save yourself a load of money later on. I'll list some things I saw at Walmart today, as well as some other stores:

- Tissue paper: Everyone needs this to wrap gifts year round, they were $0.24
- Christmas Cards: Why pay full price for nice cards when you can pay 1/4 of the price! All xmas cards were marked down 75% off. This is cheaper than buying them at the dollar store!
- Chocolate: Whether you want to eat it or save it as gifts later, chocolate is now uber cheap. It's slim pickings so late in game, but there were still some good deals to be found: Hershey's Bliss $1 (Reg $4.xx), Pot of Gold individual gift box $1 (Reg $5.50), Candy Cane Chocolate Bark ($1), Candy gift set $2 (Reg $12.95)
- Gift Sets: Gift sets are usually 50% off after Christmas. This is an excellent time to stock up on hygiene products - shampoos, facial scrubs, body lotions etc. The sets are already a decent deal when the manufacture packaged it together, but with an additional 50% off, it makes it a steal! Some lucky people also have coupons for the sets, which make them completely free! Whether you are using the items for yourself, or saving it for gifts throughout the year, gift sets are an excellent investment. Most of the items won't go bad if you want to save it as 2010 Christmas gifts, though do watch out that things like body/face lotion might spoil. There is usually an expiry date written somewhere. Shampoo and things like that won't expire.
- Wrapping Paper: This is a big one! Definitely wait until wrapping paper is discounted before you stock up for the next Christmas! Now is a great time to buy them from store as they are usually heavily discounted (usually 60 to 75% off)
- Gift Tags: Again, something you need for Christmas anyways, why not get them while on clearance?
- Christmas Decorations: If you like getting new decorations, now is a great time to get the super cheap
- Fake Christmas Trees: There usually are quite expensive, about $80 or more. Now you can pick one up for about $20!

Of course there are tons more things to be found in store. Each store will still have their own holiday clearance section (Walmart, Superstore, Zellers, etc.) so go check out yours!

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